Trees, Shrubs & Hedges

Looking for tree felling, pruning, crowning, shrub and hedge trimming or removal? Our professionals will manage all your requirements.

At EW Tree Services we offer a highly professional service, our qualified arborists have a wealth of knowledge in the following areas...

Our services at a glance

  • Emergency/dangerous tree removal

  • Forestry services

  • Hedge trimming

  • Hedge removal

  • Logs for sale

  • Shrub pruning

  • Shrub removal

  • Stump grinding/removal

  • Tree crowning

  • Tree pruning

  • Tree removal

Here are just some of the areas we cover in the North East:


Chester le Street





South Shields





Tree management

Whether it be a garden tree you need to bring back under control or a very large tree removed in a garden, commercial property/woodland our team of experts are at hand.

Here at EW Tree Services, we provide maintenance, comprehensive tree care, pruning to make the tree more manageable for your needs, crown to reduce the height or full removal, including tree waste management.

Contact us to arrange for one of our team to survey and your free no-obligation quotation.

Stump grinding

When removing a tree you may elect to have the stump removed rather than the tree felled to ground level. Speak with our team to help you decide which option works best for you.

Emergency tree work

Often the unexpected can happen, should you require urgent assistance with a dangerous tree on your property please contact us for assistance, a member of our team will be able to assess the situation and arrange with you for safe and secure removal.

Forestry services

Our highly qualified and experienced arborists provide an extensive service, please contact us directly for full details.

Hedges & Shrubs

In need of your hedge or shrubs taming with professional pruning or maybe you need them removed to allow more space in your garden. Often with help from professionals, you can regain that hedge/shrub you once loved and enjoyed in your garden. Our team are at hand, book a quotation today.

Logs for sale

Please contact for further information.

Contact EW Tree Services for all of your tree shrub & hedge trimming needs